Where To Begin Weddings - 2H2 Design
Why 2H2?

2H2 is an innovative service for do-it-yourself custom design. For those of you who are in need of a transition to a new style for your space or inspiration for an upcoming wedding, we are here to help by offering our services, keeping in mind both your time and budget. We provide a customized design for your unique style and needs. 

2H2 is a division of Hartley and Hill Design, LLC that allows you to be actively involved in the design process for your home or event. 2H2 affords you a more cost-effective way to achieve custom design. Whether near or far, this personalized design experience enables you to implement our original design yourself. Communication is via email and Internet, and most of the design resources selected will be accessible to you locally or online. 

What is included

After submitting all of the requested information, you will receive in 6-8 weeks a linen-wrapped box with all of the elements needed to complete the design on your own.

• Vision Boards with overall design concepts
• Color palette
• Table-scape
• Floor plan for seating, if desired
• Table linens
• Floral design
• Cake inspiration
• Coordination of a specific theme into a design if desired
• Stationery suggestions
• Aesthetic vision
• Peace of mind 

The price list 

Ceremony Location $1,075.00
Reception $2,075.00 

What we need from you

To begin your design process, we will ask you to provide digital images of your space as well as answer a brief questionnaire regarding your needs and preferences so we can discover your individual style. From here we will create a specific design for your needs. Once our design is completed we will send you our overall concept and plan, including all of the resources needed to accomplish your design goals.

• Images of your space
• Questionnaire
• Payment